Xmas break is over, work tomorrow

I really enjoyed the Xmas and New Year break – 11 days off (we have in the UK – everyone else seems not to). I checked emails and had a replying session only once so as not to make customers think I was ignoring them. I didn’t put the auto-responder on, because I get so much spam. I’m rather dreading going back tomorrow, as it’s been so nice. There was even a discussion of moving my office into the lounge, then I thought maybe a good tablet would work ok, but then thought everything is so nicely set up in my office it would be a shame to move it all. Then we discussed moving the 2 sofas into a slight ‘V’ formation around the wall-mounted TV, but that was poo-pooed. It would create wasted space at the back of the sofas. I will still work on it though, as it seems a more social way to arrange them. (at the moment they are both flat against the wall opposite the TV).

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