Weak wi-fi signal to Android Tablet from Netgear Router

I bought an android tablet about a year ago. Not very good, I thought at the time. This Christmas holiday, I started installing free games on it, and it’s actually good fun to use. I don’t like how some apps or games automatically run in the background of their own accord, without being loaded, seemingly at random. That’s when the kill active apps program works well. But you shouldn’t have to use it really.
All the computers in my home are connected via CAT5E cables. No wi-fi. However, when we got Blackberries I switched wi-fi on so that we could get emails quicker and it wouldn’t drain the battery as fast.
The tablet needs wi-fi, of course. However, even though the router is only in the next room, and on a channel that isn’t used by 61ZsIjoQPCL._AA1500_anyone else, it’s just not good enough to beam through the door to the tablet in the lounge. So I’ve ordered a TP-Link TL-WA901ND Radio Access Point/ Range Extender to blast the signal all over the place, and hopefully get better data speed on the tablet. When it’s on 2 or 3 bars, it’s 10-50k a second. When it’s on 5 bars (and when I’m in the same room as the wi-fi router) it’s about 1 – 2Mb a second – a huge difference.
Anyway, that’s what’ll happen. Hope it works out ok.

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