Wallace & Gromit rocket soap

Wallace & Gromit Rocket Soap

The Boots Christmas catalogue is always a traditional read and has been for at least 50 years. Only one thing caught my eye this year – the Wallace & Gromit Rocket soap. Nice shape (unsure of size though, as no dimensions or weight spec given in description). For £4.00 you can get some pretty huge bars of soap from Nesti Dante (Italian).

It’s also worth pointing out at this stage that Boots automatically discount invoices that their suppliers submit to them by 2% before making payment after 60 days (no matter what the supplier’s terms are). Why? If a customer bought a sandwich from a Boots store, took 2 months to pay and didn’t give the cashier the right amount of money for it, I think they’d be pissed off. There are lots of websites that discuss it. It’s rotten practice, and I dislike Boots quite vehemently because of it. It particularly takes advantage of small businesses. And so I won’t be buying this or anything else from Boots ever again.

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