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Poor courier delivery drivers

Just been having a read of the threads on parcelforum.co.uk.

As I use couriers every day, I never knew how it all worked. The so-called ‘self-employed’ couriers like Yodel (used to be domestic DHL) and Hermes that rely on their employees own vehicles only pay them 50 – 65p per delivery! As one of them said, Amazon send out £700.00 plasma TVs without needing a signature and the driver gets 65p for doing it. eBay, Amazon, Next etc. all add to the parcel numbers, so some get over 100 parcels to deliver each day. You can imagine how bad it got with the snow last winter.

I’m always nice to them without having known all this, and I’m at the door before they’ve even got out of the van most times just to save them time. I’ve even given nice ones cans of San Pellegrino lemonade on hot days! Aren’t I nice?

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