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New LED Lenser Torch

I treated myself to a new LED torch from Maplin last month – an LED Lenser 1088923 (what a catchy model name!).

It uses 3 x AAA batteries and has adjustable focus. It’s very bright for its size and a cool white light. They put a leaflet in the box with it and they do larger ones which you think, “awww…I’d have got a bigger one if I’d known” but the largest in the range, the X2, is probably too bright for use in the house to look for things in dark corners of a garage etc. It’s also nearly £200.00.

There are lots of people on youtube who do torch reviews. This led me to investigate the O Light SR90 Intimidator. Supposedly much brighter than the X2, and with a rechargeable battery, but if you are prepared to pay £316 for a torch you must have a proper use for it (like a game keeper or security guard or search and rescue or something).

I’ll stick with my 1088923!

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