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Kodak ESP 3250 Printer – RUBBISH!

This week I will be throwing out 2 printers. Here’s the gen on the first one:

The Kodak ESP 3250 

We bought this from Staples as a photocopier. We brought it home and it refused to set-up correctly, always saying “Error: Paper Jam, remove rear access cover, Clear all paper, attach cover, press OK to continue”. We took it back to Staples who swapped it for another one. This one worked ok, but I noticed that even though we’d never printed anything in colour, and had switched off colour printing altogether, the colour ink cartridge status level slowly went down. It must be a year or two since I used it, and now both levels are down to half, despite having only made about 10 black & white copies on the thing. I’m trying to print something via the computer now, and this new one is giving me the paper jam error message again. I simply can’t be arsed – these things use ink when you’re not even printing, and go wrong too often. I will never buy Kodak printers again. Totally shit.

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