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KABL Radio

There’s an absolutely¬†fantastic radio station I listen to on my bedside WiFi radio called KABL.

KABL serenaded San Francisco with lush, beautiful music, very few commercials, and rich-voiced announcers who wooed the Bay Area with poetic paeans. This gentle KABL sound soon swept the area.

Listeners responded to its elegant charm and sophisticated whimsy.

The music they play is best described by KABL’s website,

Lush, timeless instrumentals, unforgettable vocalists, swinging Big Bands, sophisticated jazz and countless cool musical surprises that you haven’t heard on the air in years.

It will remind you of the San Francisco of long ago, mornings in the Financial District, afternoons in Union Square, evenings at the Top Of The Mark, weekends at Playland At The Beach or simply wandering around Fisherman’s Wharf.

Doesn’t it just sound great from the description alone!?

It used to be an AM station in San Francisco (960 KABL) but now broadcasts only online as a tribute stream. Fantastic songs, no DJs most of the time and no adverts (although they do want advertisers). It’s a bit like my beloved PrimeTime Radio again. I’ve been listening for weeks, I’ve never heard the same song twice, never heard the same ‘memories of San Francisco’ interlude twice. Absolutely love it!

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