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Downlighter installation – top tip

I have our electrician and gardener both coming over tomorrow. I’ve waited about a month for them both to be free to do some work, and they both arranged to come on the same day! I’ll finally be able to have my TV mounted on my bedroom wall to watch my DVDs as I nod off. I’ve just ordered the Mysterious Cities of Gold DVD box set to celebrate. 18 hours though…but very 80s.

As if my home couldn’t have any more downlighters, 3 more will be installed in the kitchen, plus 2 x par 16 birdies to illuminate a painting. There’s a dark corner now since the new kitchen was fitted, and the idiot of a kitchen fitter wasn’t at all keen on installing under-counter lighting (even though LED strips would have looked great) so it’s a bit dark in places. I have a box containing 120 MR16 bulbs in the garage after I lost a box, re-ordered, then found the lost box!

We’ve been living here for over 3 years and out of over 100 fittings only 2 bulbs have needed to be replaced in that time. The secret is to have a 60 watt 12v ac transformer feeding just 2 x 20 watt MR16 fittings (instead of a larger 200va transformer feeding 10 x MR16s). The transformer is not overloaded, and the bulbs last forever. In my opinion 50 watt bulbs are over-rated unless you have really high ceilings – the difference in brightness isn’t noticable for the 150% increase in power use. At the moment, LED bulbs are either too dim but cheap, or a bit brighter but give too focused a spot of light and cost a fortune. I’d have to order over 100 LED bulbs and replace all the transformers at the same time – it ain’t gonna happen bud.

Anyway, I’ve been catching up on receipts and invoices for my company for the last 4 hours, so it’s time for bed.

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