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Makro – I like

I do like Makro…now. It was a bit uncared for and not particularly cheap about 5 years ago so we stopped going. We visited a few  weeks ago just to pop-in and it’s all been refurbed so there are whole massive refridgerated rooms for cheese and meat and the prices of a lot of things are very good.

They had some really cheap beetroot which was great for salads we were having, then we bought a box of Irish recipe sausages. We currently have a craze on paté, and at £2.49 for half a kilo it’s very good value. We’ve decided that their own brand beef burgers are better than any we’ve bought from any supermarket too. They also have a good range of spirits, so we’ve bought Cointreau, Amarula cream and some Limoncello this evening.

Last week we went crazy with massive Christmas baubles, etc. as I’m sure you’ve read about and seen here. They are still in a bit of transition what with getting rid of their audio/visual section and book section, so a few weeks ago there were huge swathes of empty racking. I don’t think they make enough of the offers that are on – sometimes we buy stuff and it’s only when we examine the receipt that we realise there was a 25% off on that range of products. Things are mis-priced (by which I mean you end up paying less, so it’s a nice surprise). Years ago they used to have electronic shelf-edge price displays which were thousands of little LCD screens that could be centrally updated via a series of infra red lights in the ceiling. Very futuristic (and accurate) but now it’s back to printed price labels it seems a bit of a step backwards.

We go in the evening and it’s quiet, so it has a nice leisurely atmosphere… to quote a line from the 1944 existentialist play No Exit by Jean-Paul Sartre, l’enfer, c’est les autres (“Hell is other people”).

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