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Baubles, bangles and beads

We went out to Dunelm Mill for a non-slip backing for the Kandinsky rug for the hall this evening. It’s a lovely rug (from Culture Vulture, £199) but slips like crazy when you stand on it. Dunelm do a non-slip backing which cements it in place.

Then we had a Burger King meal (Angus 3-pepper – v. hot, freshly done but loads of onions in it) and then on to Makro where I got some hidden object games for my mum (she loves them),  a Hummer driving game for me, a submarine simulator game for one of my suppliers, some paté, some salami, some eggs, and loads of massive Christmas baubles (20 and 30cm diameter ones for shopping centres!). We’ll be putting them on the cherry tree outside. Here’s a peek at them, along with the new parquet flooring in the hall (completed today):

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