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Culture Vulture

I ordered some trainers from La Redoute, and they sent a Pia Jewellery catalogue with them. I asked my mum if she wanted anything from it for Christmas, and she picked a pair of earrings. I received them (weight 25g) along with 450g of catalogues! In the post the jiffy bag had opened so anyone could have helped themselves, but in fact the catalogues turned out to be very good.

Notably, Culture Vulture. Lots of very nice items, well presented and appealing to me - great as gifts, so a large order was placed the next day! Can’t say too much because almost all were presents, but a Kandinsky rug is for the hall (on top of the parquet). It all arrived today, 3 working days after order was placed.

There was also a Museum Collection catalogue which had some nice items, mostly mixed packs of retro Christmas cards of all shapes, sizes and styles, so another order was placed which also arrived today. This included a lovely little Corinthian owl:

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