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Chris Rhodes on Speed Auction TV

Chris Rhodes

As a long-time fan of Peter Simon on Bid TV, Chris Rhodes on Bid’s sister channel Speed Auction is a very entertaining watch. Last night he was drifting between impressions of Ronnie Corbett selling some armchair covers, then to Jimmy Saville selling coat hangers. He’s self deprecating which is always an appealing trait, but he’s obviously wasted on this channel. However, this means he can entertain in a more informal way than the ‘hard sell’ presenters.

Chris Rhodes

He knows his products – no consulting the notes, and has a relaxed presenting style. He’s clearly their lead presenter as he’s on at prime-times. Worth a watch. And if you do watch, don’t just watch for 2 minutes because he’s obviously there to sell, but if you watch for longer you’ll hear the quips, gags, impressions, etc. that make it fun to watch.

I’ve put a few clips of him on YouTube. Check it!

Chris Rhodes

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