Streamline card processing

I’ve been a Streamline customer for almost 10 years.

I really HATE being a Streamline customer.

Every year they’re creeping extra charges onto the bill – loyalty (and vastly increased volumes put through the terminal since the early days) account for absolutely NOTHING with Streamline. If anything, you feel penalised for it.

Last year they started adding a premium charges, which essentially are an extra 1% if the credit card is from outside the UK. And if it’s a debit card from outside the UK, instead of a fixed rate of 47p, it’s 2% charge, just like a credit card! Their reason? “Because there’s extra risk”. Yes, but if there’s a charge-back, you just take all the money off me, so they’re not at risk at all!

There is absolutely no joy whatsoever in being a Streamline customer.
No wonder PayPal are making such in-roads with online payment processing. I don’t feel quite so much like I’m being fleeced in my sleep with them, as I know exactly what the fees / rates are. I hate to see how much money anyone takes from me after all the hard work I do to market and sell things, when they just seem to do nothing but collect the money. Bring back cash!

Don’t even get me started on the £20 charge to fill out the PCI compliance web form which took 3 minutes and was multiple choice – you even had to print the certificate off yourself. Now, how on earth is the £20 cost justified in that?!?!?

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