Rules of board games baffle me

In the last couple of weeks I’ve bought Scrabble, Yahtzee and Rummikub.

Aside from Scrabble, I’m finding it impossible to figure out the rules of Yahtzee and Rummikub – it’s like the person who wrote the rule card forgot the most important parts of the game that people would, upon playing for the first time, have questions about.

ie in Yahtzee, do you fill the upper section AND the lower section at the same time? How do you know which combination is best to pick? (I only recently learned you have to fill in all 14 boxes on the score sheet).

In Rummikub do you take new tiles from the pool after each go? So you always have 14 until there are none left in the pool? Or do you only have the 14 you pick at the start and when they’re all gone that’s it, you’ve won? What happens if you can’t see any opportunity to put a tile down in a run or set? Is that it? The game just ends so soon? There aren’t going to be many runs or sets when there’s only 2 of you playing with 28 tiles in total. Why are there so many tiles if not?

I don’t remember board games (or rather the instructions) being so complicated to understand when I was younger. I had “Frankenstein”, “I Vant to Bite Your Finger”, Jaws, and I always wanted Mouse Trap because my friend had it and I lover the chain reaction at the end, but never got it. Another friend had the “Game of Life” which seemed boring at the time (I was about 8) but now would be a bit more interesting (speaking as a recluse!).

One thing is for certain though – board games are a bloody racket. £13.99 for some plastic tiles and plastic racks? The box probably cost more to make than its contents. And these very brief rules printed in grey and white on bible paper (ie very thin). It’s a swizz.

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