Pulling plug on laptop causes problems

In my vain attempt to save money on electricity useage, I started unplugging plugs from the 12 mains sockets in my bedroom. Alas, one of them was my laptop power supply, and I don’t keep the battery in the laptop in case it wears out or overheats or anything, so CLICK – off it went. Since restarting, it’s never been the same. I’m not sure if literally ‘pulling the plug’ has caused a hardware issue with memory or something, but it started to just ‘hang’ with the mouse pointer not moving usually when I was doing some memory intensive task.

Since I re-formatted it an re-installed Windows 7, it’s never been able to install Windows 7 Service Pack 1. It tries to, downloads it and everything, but ultimately just says it can’t. It’s a Toshiba Satellite Pro.

I used to spend evenings on the PC in my upstairs office, but since getting a laptop, it just lies on the bed next to me. I couldn’t live without it now. Watching and listening and reading so many entertaining things to get to sleep on a night. Then waking up with an idea to search for in the morning. It’s great. I have it rigged up to my 32″ LG TV on the wall at the end of my bed (very noisy – buzzing sound – I’d never buy another LG TV) and a Bose Video Room-mate speaker system (retro one from the 90s, which is superb).

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