Owl Energy Monitor Installed

I fitted an Owl energy monitor this weekend. Worryingly, when I’m lying in bed with everything off or on standby, the house uses 370 watts! I know my office uses 70 watts when everythings off/on standby which is pretty appaling, but I don’t really want to be scrabbling around under the desk unplugging everything every night. I’m not sure what the main culprit is…I thought it was the subwoofer in the lounge which has been on constantly since we got it, but that’s only 20 watts. The fridge/freezer aren’t ‘on’ whirring constantly. The only thing to do is to switch absolutely everything off, but then programmes won’t record on TiVo while this happens, and thing start defrosting, door bell doesn’t work, phones don’t work, etc.

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