Oh dear, neglecting it – aren’t I?

Well, how are we all? The problem with Facebook, twitter and the usual blogs is that your message is now diluted across all these platforms. In the days when I just used to have a blog (remove the ’2′ from the subdomain URL and you’ll be able to read it!), everything went on it. Now tweets of frustration I publish on twitter because it seems not worth making a new post on this blog.

Things that have recently galled me include:

People who have big dogs that they either let off the lead, or weigh much less than. They have no control over them and are a menace. I heard that in some gated communities either in America or Paris, there is a rule about having dogs below a certain weight and size. This should apply for everything.

People who spit in the street — why don’t you spit in the road if you have to do — don’t do it on the pavement when everybody has to walk in it. Idiots.

This is why I never go out, see?

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