My Nokia e63 phone ‘memory full’

It is funny how your relationship with a product can go from recommending it to friends to hating it.

I purchased my Nokia e63 mobile phone a year and a half ago. It was easy to set up, worked exactly how I wanted it to with emails, and gave me the flexibility to leave the office while still be in contact with my e-mail inbox for any orders etc. I found the battery lasted about a day or so, until I realised that if you connected to your home WiFi network the battery would last at least 3 days. Before this time I had not switched my home WiFi network on, as I have no other devices that require it.

I extolled the virtues of the phone to a friend and they bought the next model up, the e73. I liked my e63 so much I even bought the same model phone for my mum. Sadly, we couldn’t get the Nokia e-mail program to work on her version of the phone as it did on mine, even though the model was identical. It was soon rejected and I bought her a Blackberry instead which works fine.

But I still have my original phone. Just recently however it has been giving messages saying that the memory is full and I should delete data. Seeing as all the applications and messages are all stored on a 4Gb memory card, this warning message is ludicrous. On checking the status of the memory of the phone, it tells me simply 118Mb is used up simply running the phone’s operating system. Yesterday I had 3Mb of free memory, and even though I have not used the phone since I last checked the memory status, I now have less than 300kB of free memory. What the hell is using it up!? I have cleared my privacy data from the web browser which has brought it back to 1.2Mb, but where the hell is 1.8Mb of memory gone? I am on pay as you go, as I rarely leave the office and have 3 landlines connected already, so don’t use the mobile for calls and so don’t want to have a pay monthly contract.

Bah! It was going so well for so long. I don’t really want to have to spend more money to get a Blackberry to replace it. Having a working smart phone seems to be quite a costly business! And I certainly don’t want an iPhone thank you very much.

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