My ideal home

I’ve been wondering what type of building/setting would be my ideal home…

Would it be a house in the country?
A cottage in a village?
A house somewhere remote in Scotland away from people?
Or a big old haunted looking house like in films?
On an island perhaps?
Or maybe just an apartment on the top floor with no noisy neighbours and good sound proofing!

I think a good view is important. I just bought a house where on the 2nd floor there were velux windows and you could see a sweeping vista of the surrounding area. I haven’t lived in a house like that for about 7 years (where I loved the boarded-out loft, with its 2 velux windows and stored items from the 80s – it was like going back in time to being a child, and I would regularly fall asleep on the wooden floor!).

So far in my life I’ve lived in a 3 bed semi (for 26 years), a hotel (1 year), student flat share (1 year), bedsit (2 years), a 3 bed detached (2 years) and now a 4 bed detached (5 years so far).

The hotel was full of students (as was I) and was rather noisy because of that, as they all used to sit on the stairs and landings talking for hours, but I can see how living in a quiet or modern hotel with good soundproofing (very important!) would work. The student flat share was the first and second floor above a travel agent on a busy junction, but there were no neighbours. The bedsit was on the first floor, just 1 room essentially in a 10 bedroom house. It was fairly new when I moved in, as I was only the 2nd tenant. It was near the top of a steep road, and so had a nice view over the rooftops and out to sea. Poor soundproofing though – just normal cheap domestic hollow doors to each flat, slamming, downstairs having loud sex, etc. Looking back, I seem to have become more sensitive to noise since those days. I could be described as ‘hyper-sensitive’ which is quite a burden really. It all started when the elderly lady who lived next door moved out  and it became a rented property. The first tenants were drug dealers and had all night parties with music on full blast from late at night until the next morning. This coincided with my first full time job that made me need a good night’s sleep more than ever, so I started cataloging noises with the thought of complaining to the council noise people. Eventually, the man went to prison and the woman’s dog was taken away because she wasn’t looking after it properly. Students moved in who were much quieter I seem to remember, then a woman and son. I moved out shortly after this.

I like the thought of a large split-level lounge with large floor to ceiling windows around, as long as it was high enough up in a green area or had mirrored glass so no-ones sitting there watching you! Jimmy Savile’s flat looks great, but needs a lot of modernisation, is in Leeds and has the (now) infamy of Jimmy Savile having lived there. I wonder who will buy it? It’s on the market for £325,000.

When it’s really windy or rainy, where I live at the moment there’s always a concern about water coming in through the garage door, last time it rained it started coming in through the tiles in the garage roof, gutters overflow, etc. All quite concerning. In an apartment this wouldn’t be an issue.

One idea that is perhaps unique (and assumes you are a lottery winner/oil magnate/rich person) is using a large warehouse space (I always think of the size of a Makro wholesaler warehouse) and sectioning it off into numerous themed areas. A bit like the Crystal maze I suppose. So you could have a desert island, a pirate cove, a space station, a Roman villa, a Viking settlement, a cave, a ship, a faux top floor apartment with sweeping vistas over a city, etc. all recreated indoors inside this warehouse space by set designers from the film or theme park industry. Then whatever mood you are in, you can go to the environment that best suits it, for an adventure. Or whatever.

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