M&S Valet by Conran

I’ve just ordered a Marks & Spencer (Conran) valet for my bedside. I’m currently using a camera tripod to hang clothes on. They were about £400 I seem to remember, but were made of walnut wood. Now made of oak, they are on sale for about £270. I was hesitant to buy one previously because the photos on the M&S website seemed to show the unit having lovely soft edges in some photos, but looking very unfinished and hard-cornered in others.

We’ll soon see.

Received it today. 2 men came and built it for me, which seemed a bit OTT as it just needed the marble bowl and table bit screwing on. Anyway, the ‘instructions’ say the wood is AMERICAN WALNUT. I do wish they’d make their minds up what the wood actually is. I think it might be blonde oak in actual fact. It looks very nice (although for the price there’s not a massive amount to it – I’ve just ordered a hall console from Oak Furniture Land for £200 and it must use 50 times more wood than this thing). I think I’d prefer more horizontal bars to put clothes on rather than a table and a bowl, as I have bedside tables to put things like my phone on, I don’t wear cufflinks, but always seem to have a huge number of pairs of trousers or jumpers in a heap that could benefit from being draped over this valet.

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