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In tonight’s Makro visit we got some great value eggs, beetroot, onions and asparagus. Cheaper than we’ve seen anywhere else, so great selling. It was busier in there tonight than we’ve ever seen it – maybe just ‘cos we never normally go on a Friday. Got my mum another 5 hidden object games – she has almost a full shelf of them now! I got some prefessional Febreeze toilet air freshener – “professional” for just £2.00. Also step ladders, sloe gin, olive oil, Frosties, Just Brazils as a present, orange Matchmakers and that was about it. We’re collecting the stickers for the knives offer and have 3 lines so far.

They’ve completely moved the entrance door to the store to the other end of the building, so you walk through all the Christmas gift boxes first, and the freezer produce is at the other end of the store (whereas before it was the first thing you walked into). Quite a major change. They don’t seem to ask to see your membership card these days either. Years ago they’d swipe it onto their computer before letting you through the barrier, and you had to sign this piece of paper. It was crazy – none of the signatures were legible, and you didn’t have to print your name or the time when you’d “signed in”. What on earth was the point of it? On one occassion I scribbed an illegible autograph thinking even the woman behind the desk knew what a futile excercise it was, and she made me do it again, properly!

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