Haggling doesn’t work

I have this customer who rings up and always haggles over the price of everything, and shops around and spends hours price matching, and I work out that competitors are making £20 profit on a £600 sale. Anyway, more fool him because I have him set up on our phone system to show up as “haggling time waster”. Haggling may get you a slightly cheaper price, but it simply gets everyone’s back up and I would never go the extra mile with this customer as I would for customers who are prepared to pay the normal price and not waste so much time haggling. Essentially, you get a bad reputation with the company you deal with and they dislike you. This isn’t just me, but all the suppliers I deal with on a daily basis as well.

So let that be a lesson to you all, especially after you’ve watched the ‘buying/sourcing’ episode of The Apprentice.

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