Goodbye Windows Phone, Hello Blackberry Q10!

After sticking with a Nokia Lumia 620 Windows phone for 9 months, I gave up. I missed my old Blackberry 8520 I had. It was slow, but it worked. So I bought a BlackBerry Q10 and love it.

The things I didn’t like about the Windows phone were that it was very difficult to hold the phone itself without pressing either a number of function buttons on the side of the phone, (thereby tweeting a photo of your crotch to everyone on your facebook email address book) or failing that, some button on screen. There doesn’t seem to be any easy way to hold these new big screen touch phones, and I found that uncomfortable.

Used to the push Blackberry e-mail service where the phone beeps the very second an e-mail arrives, I was disappointed that the minimum e-mail poll time was 10 minutes! I mostly use the phone for checking e-mails, so this was a huge downside for me. However, after some testing, emails do come through almost immediately so it’s actually not that much different.

When I originally bought the Windows phone, you could not customise the ring tones to anything other than what was on the telephone. A recent software update allowed customisation of this. It was only when I tweeted the Windows phone support twitter account that they suggested I vote for it in some strange online forum where thousands of people had done the same. But it was also interesting to see a list of all the other features that other users of the phone found lacking. Upon reflection I cannot remember some of them, but at the time I was pretty shocked at the basic functionality that appear to be missing. Some people were saying is no way to turn off the way the screen shows a preview of the text message or Facebook post or e-mail as soon as it comes in — what if you were in a meeting and it was on the desk and you got a text from your partner that was rude, for example? Everyone may get the chance to see it!
The twitter app for the phone was also horrendously slow, crashed constantly and did not load photos. I also could rarely get the Internet to work when I was away from my WiFi signal at home. You couldn’t install apps on the SD card – they had to be installed on the small phone memory!

The Blackberry Q10 was released in January 2013, almost 10 months before the Nokia Lumia 620 that I bought in October 2013! But what a refreshing change when switching from Windows back to Blackberry. Speed — the phone is faster to do most things. It has more memory as standard. E-mails — the minimum polling time is 5 minutes, but e-mails appeared to arrive almost as soon as they are sent. It has a very high resolution touch screen.
Flash works on webpages! You can hold the phone without pressing buttons! And of course, how could I forget a full functioning QWERTY keyboard!

I love the Q10 and now regret purchasing the Windows phone that I have. I think I would certainly avoid purchasing any large touchscreen phone in the future.

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