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Culture Vulture strikes again! A new catalogue arrived last week, most of the old stuff still there but a good number of new items. Made another list of nice things and ordered online. Very nice items.

In other news this week, my BlackBerry is ace – should have got one much sooner really. It’s faster and more user friendly than my Nokia e63 (which looked a LOT like it!). I think the thing I miss most is the Nokia e63′s keyboard. It had a nicer feel, better spacing of the keys and you didn’t have to press the ‘alt’ button for punctuation.

I have found my collection of Heinz Noodle Doodles promotional items (well, only 3 – snakes and ladders game (unused), dominoes (unused) and snap (unused)) so hoping to get a few games in soon.

Fireworks night was ok – I used to be a huge fan of fireworks and was considering it as a career. Then I had an incident that nearly seriously injured me and burned the house down, and I was suddenly less keen. Now our dog is a nervous nellie with the bangs, so we have to drug him up to get through the night. It’s quite upsetting seeing him trembling. Until you have a pet that’s affected by the explosions, you don’t realise how anti-social and intrusive fireworks are. He is daft though because none have ever caused any harm to him or anything. He is not affected by the vacuum cleaner however!

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