City Link and the Parcel2Go TNT Rebooking

So yesterday evening I book City Link to collect 2 parcels using who are great. Then at lunchtime today I get an email from Parcel2Go saying the City Link booking network has a fault so they’ve re-booked it with TNT at no extra cost, and would I please put the new paper work on the boxes to replace the city Link paperwork. This I diligently do, and half an hour later the Citylink van arrives to collect them! I told him what had happened, and he went away empty-handed. I’m sitting here 4 hours later still waiting to TNT to arrive. Grrr.

The reason I book City Link is because the man is nice, but the TNT man snapped at me once telling me “I haven’t got time for this” when I didn’t have the correct account number on a document. Okay, it was a couple of years ago, but I remember things like that.

I suppose all this is nobody’s fault, and Parcel2Go are only doing their best to avoid aggro from other customers , but maybe I should have stood firm and only stuck the TNT paper work on the boxes when the TNT man was actually walking down the drive!

***UPDATE 1 year 2 months on***
TNT man has been replaced and is very nice now. CityLink subbed out a collection to two thugs who arrived in a rusty un-marked blue transit van who didn’t have a working pen and had eyes like shit-house rats. I now don’t use CityLink but instead use TNT and UPS, almost exclusively through with whom it is a pleasure to send out consignments domestically and internationally.

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