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No more trainers

When this blog was located at (goes back to 2004 – check it out kids!) it used to garner much interest when I talked about trainers (UK) or sneakers (USA). Ultimately, I don’t buy any more shoes these days. I bought too many really. The last ones I bought were some Adidas TOMS style things which had a rainbow pattern and looked very 1980s (which is why I bought them). However, they didn’t fit – either UK size 9 or 10 (I’m normally an 11). They were either too big or too small. So they got sent back to the ever-forgiving Schuh. 3404549970m6_main

I often wonder why TOMS are so relatively expensive for what they actually are. They look rather cheap to me, made of no special material or anything. Like the sort of things you’d get in Lidl or Aldi, or a seaside shop. And they want £40 for them?

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