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I bought a game console from Speed Auction TV this evening. 100 classic arcade games on a hand-held console. I saw it on bid tv at about 1:45AM this morning with Peter Simon and Marina Berry where it went for £14.99 plus the rather overpriced £5.99 delivery (it’ll arrive in 2nd class post no doubt). I couldn’t find it on their website to put a web bid on it for the next time it appeared, and it was on for £30.00 to ‘buy it now’. No-one in their right mind would pay that though, knowing it would be on again soon for £14.99 or less. ANYWAY, I searched and searched and after lookng through all the products that were on in the next few days on all 3 channels, I found it coming up on Price Drop TV at 6PM today so put in a web bid for £14.99. In the end, it went for £12.99 so that was good (everyone pays the lowest price). So I got one.

I also saw some ice stones (like ice cubes but made from soapstone so they don’t dilute your drink) which will be a gift for a whisky loving friend — I’ve seen them go for £1.00 before so I bid £2.00. And also some yellow Egyptian towels which I’ve bid £10.00 for but I’m not sure I’ll get (normally they go for £20.00 but you never know). That auction ends tomorrow.

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