60Mb Broadband Upgrade

I called Virgin Media because they had an offer where you paid £120 up front for a year’s telephone line rental. I have 2 lines, so paid £240. Then the other day when I got a bill I noticed that they’d been charging me £14.99 a month for one of the lines, despite me having paid up-front for it! I don’t get angry at the call centre person, because it’s not their fault, but they refunded me the £120 saying you can only have the offer on one line. Grrr.

At the same time I enquired about upgrading broadband. My 3rd (different) cable modem had died in the last 5 years and been replaced by one of their ‘super hubs’. I was on 20Mb, but the engineer put me on 30Mb free of charge after fixing the problem (something to do with an engineer erroneously putting an attenuator on the signal in the box). Anyway, the Indian call centre person said I could have 60Mb broadband for just 95p extra a month for the first 6 months, then £3.45 a month after that. I said yes, and she came back and said I could have it for free and they’d knock something like £2 off my monthly bill anyway. (my monthly bill is never less than £75, may I add!). So that was good.
I think I’ve slightly noticed the difference with YouTube videos in 1080 HD. Speedtest.net says it’s only 47Mb, but I’ve often thought the speed limit is how fast the website server you are requesting data from can keep up with your connection.

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