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Stop sending large graphic signatures on your emails!

All these green campaigners recycling paper and saying ‘don’t print e-mails’, but there are so many people who have humongous e-mail signatures containing large jpg or gif graphics of their company name, promotional banner adverts or slogans which fill up hard drives which require greater storage capacity and the purchase of more storage which needs to be made in China at great pollutant cost. Why is it still acceptable to have such huge e-mail signature graphics?

I get e-mails from companies where their signature graphics are 200 kilobytes. If they e-mail me several times a day, which they do, this starts filling up my hard drive and server space and means I need to purchase more hardware to accommodate this as I cannot delete the e-mails because it is against European law to do so if running a business. One photographer’s signature was almost a 1Mb each time, and doubly compounded with every reply.

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