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MR16 halogen downlighters – the secret for long bulb life

In my home, I have a total of 103 x MR16 halogen downlighters. They’re all 20 watt bulbs – for the extra power, 50 watts doesn’t seem to actually be 150% brighter, and so 20 watts is adequate. In 5 years, only 4 bulbs have needed replacing. The secret? For every 2 x 20 watt bulbs, I have 1 x 60va transformer. Simple. Each transformer is under-loaded and it works like a dream.

When LED bulbs become much cheaper, we’ll probably switch to those, but currently it would be a very expensive investment! (and would require all the transformers to be replaced!).

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Streamline Card Processing – update

More incompetency to report at Streamline!

In October I signed up via their website to say I don’t want Streamline to fleece me for £1.80 each time they send me 2 pieces of paper (my invoice). The next month I got charged for it on my bill. I called them up. They had no record of receiving my submission, and they’re not even doing online invoicing yet. SO WHY INTRODUCE THE PAPER CHARGE BEFORE YOU EVEN OFFER AN ALTERNATIVE???

I signed up again whilst I was on the phone. In December I get an invoice posted to me, again showing a £1.80 charge for a paper invoice. In mid-December I get an email asking to confirm that I want to opt-out of being fleeced. YES, YES, FOR GOD’S SAKE YES! This company is driving me insane!

And as a footnote, their excellent security pointer in their email is surely unsurpassed in this modern age, “Please note, all emails from us will have an email address” Phew! I’m so glad that isn’t possible to falsify! By anyone, anywhere.

I think I may send some emails to them from just to confuse the hell out of their innocent little minds.

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Patrick Moore

Patrick Moore passed away today, aged 89. He’d presented the same TV programme for over 55 years – the longest running presenter of any programme in the world. He didn’t have a contract with the BBC and didn’t get paid – just a gentleman’s agreement. I almost bought a cuckoo clock after seeing his (an early birthday present) on a nice short documentary about him on YouTube (below). And got my hall parquet floored after seeing his. Yes, I know they’re two strange things.

I must say I welled up watching the breaking news on the TV. Later in the day I shed a tear.

Here is a very good video about him:

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