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Haggling doesn’t work

I have this customer who rings up and always haggles over the price of everything, and shops around and spends hours price matching, and I work out that competitors are making £20 profit on a £600 sale. Anyway, more fool him because I have him set up on our phone system to show up as “haggling time waster”. Haggling may get you a slightly cheaper price, but it simply gets everyone’s back up and I would never go the extra mile with this customer as I would for customers who are prepared to pay the normal price and not waste so much time haggling. Essentially, you get a bad reputation with the company you deal with and they dislike you. This isn’t just me, but all the suppliers I deal with on a daily basis as well.

So let that be a lesson to you all, especially after you’ve watched the ‘buying/sourcing’ episode of The Apprentice.

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Thoughts for today

Oh dear, I’m not keeping this up very well am I?

Thoughts for today:

I am patriotic, so why would I want people who don’t live in the UK to be making major decisions that affect our lives doing so? (ie the beurocrats in the EU). I’m all for a Guy Fawkes for the EU parliament building! Huge waste of money. Accounts never signed off – ever. Billions. Stupid. Arse holes.

Back in the 80s, in the UK at least, you never saw anyone with Christmas lights outside their house, did you? It all seems to have started happening in the 2000s. Wonder why? Was waterproof light technology not up to it back then? Or was electricity more expensive? Of course you saw it in all the American Christmas films like the National Lampoons one with Chevy Chase. Maybe that was the influence.

I predict colour changing LED Christmas lights to start becoming more popular. I saw some on a tree outside a house nearby and they are excellent. Hard to find anywhere that sells them at the moment though.

Makro is the best place to buy eggs. 20 eggs for £1.99. You’d pay that for 6 in Tesco. This is even after Jamie Oliver has interfered with it all making sure that poor people eat fewer eggs because they can’t afford them because they’ve been made too expensive. That man is such a moron – I dislike him intensely.

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